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Second Body (2015)

Second Body starts from establishing the presence of the body, while learning the structure of the natural body through setting up knowledge of the body itself. In addition, the knowledge of the structure of exercise is used to represent what we know of our own first bodies in the moment. Afterwards, a 360º full body-length projection enters the picture to create a non-natural second body, which creates an experience of movement distinct from the movements of the first body. Do we, during the conversion between these two, produce new knowledge to define our bodies with the change in our viewing perspective? Furthermore, How does the second body replace the definition and existence of the first body in the process?


Production: Anarchy Dance Theatre
Concept, Choreography: Chieh-hua Hsieh
Software Development, Visual Design: Ultra Combos
Sound Design: Yannick Dauby, Ultra Combos
Lighting Design: We Do Group
Custom Design: Yu-teh Yang
Stage Manager: Hsiang-ting Teng
Soloist: Shao-chin Hung
Dramaturgy: River Lin
Tour Management: AxE Arts Management
Project Mentor: Justine Beaujouan
Project Consultant: Kevin Cunningham
Commissioned by Quanta Arts Foundation/QAring
Supported by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan